Crosstown Quilters Guild
Block of the Month/Americana Quilt 
Each month a page of instructions will be handed out at the quilt meeting.  There will be a quilt block for the raffle BOM and any changes needed to make an Americana quilt block for your own Americana Quilt (a sample is shown at bottom right).  Some blocks will be different than those in the sample picture.  I will be updating this spot to show the individual monthly block samples. There is one more BOM for the Americana Quilt and it will be posted in December (and due in January).  We have a special BOM for December provided by Tracey Mackenzie  of an appliqued red/green stocking.
Click on Red/Green Stocking for a JPEG image of the instructions.
A few Guidelines for charity and comfort quilts.
Preemie for Floating Hopsital
    24 inches by 24 inches
Coverlets for floating Hospital
    24 inches by 36 inches with dark backing for incubators
    44 inches by 44 inches with dark backing for isolettes

DCF donations
Crib size quilts (36 x 42)   AND/OR  Any size larger

This is an example of an Americana Quilt.  Yours will be slightly different and unique.