Crosstown Quilters Guild
 Block of the Month 

The Guild is still looking for someone to take over the role of Block of the Month, but in the meantime I have a couple of random blocks we did not get to use last Spring 2020 before everything shut down due to the pandemic.  Not sure if these will be collected for a raffle or not.  Depends on weather and if we meet.

First up - a 9 inch (finished) Cat block.  Maybe create one that looks like your own pet kitty.  11 beautiful blocks turned in and won by Linda Molloy.

Second one is a card trick block made using squares and rectangles.  Bring your block to the next meeting on Oct 26, 2021.

Click HERE for a pdf copy of the instructions 
A few Guidelines for charity and comfort quilts.
Preemie for Floating Hopsital
    24 inches by 24 inches
Coverlets for floating Hospital
    24 inches by 36 inches with dark backing for incubators
    44 inches by 44 inches with dark backing for isolettes

DCF donations
Crib size quilts (36 x 42)   AND/OR  Any size larger

This is an example of an Americana Quilt.  Yours will be slightly different and unique.
Sandy Bates Q101 Demo and info

Paste this URL below into your browser to see instructions and color pictures of making nice corners on a blanket.